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Sweet November

Sweet November ranks as another lifeless romance on the subject of death. It’s also a remake, this time of a 1968 tear-jerker that starred Sandy Dennis as a cutie-pie eccentric who takes a new lover every month — Anthony Newley played November. She’s dying, you see, and wants to rehabilitate as many workaholic males as possible before night falls. The trick is to get them to stop and smell the roses, and then move out gracefully when their month is up. Why anyone would want to revive this rancid goo is mystifying, but Pat O’Connor (Circle of Friends) has stepped up to direct Charlize Theron as the doomed kook and Keanu “I’m in dire need of career guidance” Reeves as the lovesick San Francisco ad exec who won’t leave when December is ready to move in. Beware all male viewers who enter here, you are in chick-movie hell.

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