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Sugar & Spice

Far be it from me to get all snarky about a cheerleader movie that only wants to bare its midriff and score a few laughs. “Sugar and Spice” is not in the same clever league as “Bring It On,” in which Kirsten Dunst introduced cheer sex. Marley Shelton plays the squad leader; her notepaper reads from the beautiful mind of diane. When the beautiful body of Diane is impregnated by Jack (James Marsden), the high school football god, Diane gets help from her cheer girls, played by Rachel Blanchard, Melissa George, Sara Marsh, Alexandra Holden and Mena Suvari, the American Beauty blonde gone brunet.hat’s a cheer captain to do for money when her belly is bulging and times are rough? Rob a bank, of course. Debuting director Francine McDougall thickens the plot by having the cheer-robbers wear masks in tribute to the classic Keanu heist flick “Point Break.” Suvari, sadly, doesn’t have much to do, and the gags, involving the stalking of Conan O’Brien and the debate about whether Jesus looks sexy on the cross, are scattershot at best. Give the girls a cheer, but remember: “Bring It On” is still the poo, Missy. Take a big whiff.

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