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Step Into Liquid

Dana Brown’s Step Into Liquid is the best surfing documentary ever made. And that includes 1966’s The Endless Summer and its terrific 1994 sequel — both from Bruce Brown, Dana’s father. But even if you never thought of surfing yourself and have no truck with the guilty surfing pleasures on display in the fictional Point Break and Blue Crush, this movie will grab you. For starters, it’s drop-dead dazzlingly knockout beautiful. And you don’t have to know the names of such star surfers as Laird Hamilton, Kelly Slater or Ken “Skindog” Collins to enjoy the view.rown and director of photography John-Paul Beeghly, shooting at places typical (SoCal) and far out (Vietnam, Ireland), have captured tremendously exciting footage. Water hasn’t looked this scary and inviting onscreen since Finding Nemo, and that stuff is animated. Are you listening, landlubbers?

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