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Rumor Has It…

Following Derailed, this comic turd makes it two strikes for Jennifer Aniston. She looks great, but her acting is board-stiff as a reporter who discovers her grandmother (a foulmouthed Shirley MacLaine) may have been the model for Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. So she seeks out the tycoon (Kevin Costner) who may have been the model for young Benjamin and slept with granny and her own now-dead mother. He may even be her father, but she still thinks of shagging the balding, paunchy, aging boomer herself. All together now, say it: yuck. The creepy script, by T.M. Griffin, is directed by Rob Reiner in a sleepwalking daze that Costner emulates by rotely repeating his performance in The Upside of Anger and in the process squeezing all the juice out of it.

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