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My Baby’s Daddy

There are cynics out there who believe this film borrows without shame from Three Men and a Baby. Nonsense. This movie has three men and three babies. The men are Lonnie (Eddie Griffin), G (Anthony Anderson) and Dominic (Michael Imperioli) — bachelor buddies from Philly who learn that their girlfriends are pregnant at the same time. Director Cheryl Dunye jacks up the suspense by making us wonder what kind of jokes are coming: Will the women scream in labor? Will one baby pee in his daddy’s eye? Will another baby open his mouth and talk like the kid with the voice of Bruce Willis in Look Who’s Talking? Yes to all of them; no to the movie. Griffin and Anderson can do this stuff in their sleep, and maybe they are. If this is the direction Imperioli is going in after The Sopranos ends, let’s pray the HBO series sticks forever. Diapers, even from three babies, can’t stink worse than this.

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