Mark Hamill Slings Burgers in New Jack in the Box Ad

Before he was Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill was slinging burgers, curly fries, and those trashy yet oh-so-good tacos at Jack in the Box at 18 years old. Unlike his tenure as the Jedi that started it all in Star Wars, manning the drive-thru did not work out nearly as well. After impersonating a clown to customers over the speaker, his boss, who clearly had no appreciation for acting, fired him for not taking the job seriously enough. In order to make things right, and get a hilarious video out of it, Jack in the Box invited Hamill back to man the window and recreate the same clown impression that got him canned over 50 years ago.

The new promo shows customers driving up to the speaker only to hear a clown voice that’s a few drops of sinister away from Hamill’s The Joker voice for Batman: The Animated Series and beyond. Immediately, the confusion sets in until it turns into joy as the patrons see who it was taking their orders. In exchange, the customers not only get their food, but in some cases a selfie, an autograph, and a story from the legendary actor about his time on set or how he ended up working at Jack in the Box in the first place. It’s just a wholesome video that gives Hamill an opportunity to relive a simpler time in his life while offering fans the chance of a lifetime.

Hamill specifically came back to celebrate the return of two of his personal favorite items – the spicy chicken strips and the french toast sticks. In an exclusive interview with Insider where he also recounted his days as a Jack in the Box employee, Hamill said that it only made sense to bring him back for the occasion. “The funny thing is we’re bringing these back for a limited time, we’re also bringing back Mark Hamill for a limited time!” the actor joked.

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Hamill first told the story of his Jack in the Box escapades during an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden in which he appeared alongside Bradley Whitford. After Whitford recounted a tale of Hamill tipping him generously when he was waiting tables, Hamill reflected on his time working at the drive-thru, acknowledging how it may have prepared him for his acting career and life in general:

Every job that you have in life prepares you for where you’re headed, so I’d like to think it adds some element in what I did down the road. Perseverance, doubling down when there are setbacks, doing the right things for the right reasons — hopefully you bring all of that into whatever you do.

Hamill has plenty of work coming in the near future with Mike Flannigan‘s Fall of the House of Usher among his biggest upcoming roles. For now though, check him out as a clown-voiced burger slinger in the new Jack in the Box promo below.

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