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TV shows are a cornerstone of entertainment. They allow creators to do extensive dives into a character’s story to draw us in weekly, and there have been some potentially award-winning seasons of shows to watch and discuss with friends and loved ones this year. The landscape of watching TV has changed with streaming making it more accessible than ever before. Gone are the days of missing a show and waiting for a rerun or an entire season to release on disc. This year we’ve had multiple Disney+ MCU shows that are helping prep audiences for future MCU movie debuts and other excellent series, such as The Boys, which have arguably had their best season yet.

Let’s Talk About is back for another installment. Today we want to hear from all of you about what TV Shows are your favorites of 2022 so far. Which shows are so good that you are hounding your friends to watch them, so you have someone to talk about it with? Do you have a show that isn’t great but is a guilty pleasure for you to watch? What TV Show is a shoo-in for awards this year? What Show is no one talking about but you want them to talk about? Was your favorite show so far not in the Poll? Please let us know in the comments section.

Jada Griffin is Reso’s Community Lead. If she’s not engaging with users here, chances are she’s developing her own games, maxing the Luck stat in her favorite games, or challenging her D&D players with Intense combat or masterful puzzles. You can follow her on Twitter @Jada_Rina.

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