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Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Whether she’s almost wearing a black bikini or squeezing into a silver wet suit, Angelina Jolie looks great. And so do Greece, Hong Kong and a live volcano in Tanzania. Sadly, scenery can’t save this blindingly dull sequel. Jolie puts on that posh Brit accent as Lara — Lady Croft to us swine — and thwarts a nutso scientist (Ciaron Hands) who wants to steal Pandora’s box. Director Jan De Bont thinks the stunts will distract us from the cliched script; he thought the same about Speed 2. Gerard Butler, the Scottish hunk who’ll play the lead in the film of Phantom of the Opera, does spark with Jolie. To no avail. Even sex can’t save a film that produces instant narcolepsy.

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