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“Heartbreakers” continues the run in amoral comedies by casting Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt as mother-daughter scam artists. Max (Weaver) gets wealthy men, such as Dean (Ray Liotta), to marry her, then divorces them for a big-bucks settlements when she catches them with another babe. The babe is always Page (Love Hewitt), the little girl Max has trained since puberty to shake her boobs, and her booty, at the slobbering males in question. It’s not a pretty picture, but it is a pretty funny one when Gene Hackman shows up as William B. Tensy, a Palm Beach tobacco tycoon and Max’s next mark. Hackman chain-smokes, coughs up phlegm and shows off a yellowish pallor to match his teeth that makes him the best argument against smoking Hollywood has ever offered. Even when director David Mirkin strains for laughs, the actors (a special cheer to Liotta) prove themselves expert farceurs.

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