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Bedazzled should have been a fun update on the 1967 Brit farce in which Dudley Moore sold his soul to devil Peter Cook. This time it’s Brendan Fraser as the jerk who’s so in lust with an unattainable babe (Frances O’Connor) that he puts his soul on the market. Devil Elizabeth Hurley, in terrific form whether you’re talking comedy or curves, snaps up the offer in exchange for granting her mark seven wishes. Director/co-writer Harold Ramis, whose deft touch in Groundhog Day and Analyze This is justly celebrated, comes on too strong with the camera trickery that turns Fraser into a Colombian drug lord, a basketball giant with a tiny dick, you name it. Instead of the sly wit that would have been my wish for Ramis’ spin on the Faust legend, we get a loud FX assault that any hack could manage.

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