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About Adam

“About Adam” at least provides a decent vehicle for the comic talents of Oscar golden girl Kate Hudson (“Almost Famous”), who may be reaching the point where she doesn’t have to be ID’d as Goldie Hawn’s daughter. Sporting a credible Irish lilt, Hudson plays Lucy Owen, a waitress-singer in a Dublin pub. One night, a stranger named Adam Adam (a charming Stuart Townsend) walks in, and Lucy is hooked. The trouble is, so is the whole Owen family. While Lucy plans her wedding, Adam is secretly off boffing middle sister Laura (Frances O’Connor) and older sister Alice (Charlotte Bradley), and suggesting things to brother David (Alan Maher) that , well. . . . Writer-director Gerard Stembridge keeps the amoral laughs bubbling, though ageists might ask why Adam never gives Lucy’s widowed mum (Rosaleen Linehan) a tumble.

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